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Looking for Oven Cleaning Advice and Tips.

For best results tackle your oven cleaning on a regular basis and it needn’t become your daunting task!

It’s hard to imagine having the discipline to wipe out the oven after every use, but deep down you know it makes sense – just think about never having to do a huge oven clean again.

We all know that Oven Cleaning can be a dirty task - it certainly requires either natural materials and elbow grease or a pretty scary chemical attack to clean it thorougly.

Non-caustic oven cleaning calls for, you guessed it, bicarbonate of soda, mixed to a thick paste and smeared all over the inside of the oven.

Leave the mixture overnight then brace yourself for some serious scrubbing with water and a scourers.

The caustic oven cleaning requires less graft but more preparation. You need a solution of Ammonia bleach and water, a respiratory Face Mask, thick rubber gloves, protective clothes and the surrounding area needs to be well protected, too.

How to clean your Oven shelves.

Take the oven shelves outside, spray them with your solution and seal them into a bin bag. Spray the oven with the bleach. After a couple of hours, hose down the racks (keeping away from plants, pets, neighbours etc) then wash them in warm soapy water.

Rinse out the oven with plenty of clean water. Pregnant women and asthmatics should avoid this like the plague, and keep children and pets well out of it, too.

Traditional chemical oven cleaners all work well, just use enough of it so it will soak and be easy to wipe off, allow it to sit long enough to work before attempting to clean, and always wear gloves.

Anyone with a cut on their hand who has touched oven cleaner can vouch for this! Follow the directions on the can and remove all racks to soak in hot, sudsy water.

Here is another Oven Cleaning Tip.

Another oven cleaning tip and one of the best ways to clean the oven - with prevention. Wipe down spills as they happen. To loosen grime in between deep cleaning, place an oven safe bowl of boiling water in the oven and let sit for fifteen minutes.

This will cause some of the greese on the sides to loosen and can be scrubbed up easier. The same principle is used when you put a cup of water in the microwave and set it on high for one minute.

It is best to wipe up spills as they happen in a warm oven, if the food bakes on, it can be difficult to scrap off.

After you've spent all that time cleaning the oven, the last cleaning tip to keep it from happening again is by lining as much of the bottom of the oven as you can with aluminium foil.

As long as you don't let it touch the elements you will find that it helps tremendously with keeping the oven clean.